Vive Studios Launches Jungle Adventure, Amazon Odyssey

by Jamie Feltham • October 25th, 2017

Vive Studios, the publishing arm of HTC’s VR headset, just launched its next title – Amazon Odyssey.

Developed by newcomer Heavy-Iron Studios, Amazon Odyssey is a jungle adventure — or “eco-tour” in its own words — that lets you get up close and personal with an exotic range of wildlife. The app takes you to four fully virtual environments based on real locations within the Amazon, where you’ll find everything to dolphins to big cats patrolling the dense vegetation and winding rivers.

This won’t just be a walking simulator, though. As you explore, you’ll get to take pictures of your surroundings, and you’ll also be able to parachute into locations and take a paragliding ride over the scenery. You can check out the first trailer for the app below.

Jungle Odyssey is now available on Viveport for $9.99 and will be coming to Steam tomorrow.

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