Vive Studios Launches VR Design App TrueScale

by Jamie Feltham • October 27th, 2017

Vive Studios, the publishing arm of HTC’s VR headset, just launched its second experience this week – TrueScale.

You may have heard of TrueScale before. Developed by Immersion, this is an in-depth interior design app that highlights some of the many ways VR can be used in building. It allows anyone to design 3D mockups of houses that they can then decorate until they’ve got it just right.

TrueScale first allows you to assemble your home as a miniature diorama but also lets you shrink down into its rooms to add fine details and customise elements like the floor and appliances. The app includes products from Wayfair’s catalog so that you can position actual furniture within the environment. Check out a trailer for the app below.

The app is currently available in Early Access on Viveport and Steam for $19.99. Over time, Immersion is looking to add new features to the experience, including an increased floor level capacity and even a multiplayer mode.

Elsewhere, Vive Studios also launched VR travel app, Amazon Odyssey, this week.

What's your reaction?
  • VR Geek

    Can the results be exported in a standard 3D format for inclusion in say a Metaverse?

  • Shade Smith

    JUST YESTERDAY I was doing a rough floorplan for a house in Photoshop that I’m designing for my mother and was thinking how I’d love if I could export the design into VR and have her walk around inside it. Now this… It’s amazing. It seems like every other day I have this VR idea that I want to see happen and then someone comes along and announces it. Insta-buy for me what I get my headset.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    I guess the benefit of this over Sketchup (for which there are VR viewers) is that you can design in VR, but I wonder if motion controls are the best tool for that job. Mice are good for accuracy. Interested to find out.

    • Vlad Sharov

      This is indeed also doable in SketchUp 😉 and you can use IrisVR’ s prospect (a proTrial and then the basic version) to view your SketchUp model in VR 😉

      That way it’s (a bit limited) but free! (Prospect Pro version cost 200$ a month)

      • Hugh Bitzer

        Or better, use Enscape for only $40/month with higher quality visuals.

        • Vlad Sharov

          Looks interesting ^^ I Will have a look 😉 thx