Vive Studios Underwater Adventure Operation Apex Launches Next Week

by Jamie Feltham • December 6th, 2017

As if next week didn’t have enough big launches for the HTC Vive, the headset’s publishing arm, Vive Studios, is releasing its next project then too.

That project is Operation Apex from UK-based developer Curiscope, which focuses on educational experiences for both VR and AR. You may remember them for the children’s book on VR we reviewed last week, or the Virtual Tee that uses a smartphone and t-shirt to show you someone’s digitized organs. Check out the trailer below.

Apex sees Curiscope head in a decidedly more game-orientated direction, with a piece in which players will learn about the food chain under the ocean and the dangers that man places on it. You explore the seabed, hunting for various fish and luring them out with bait.

Steam lists a December 11th release for Operation Apex (that’s next Monday), putting it a day ahead of the launch of Fallout 4 VR and four days before the releases of L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. It’s set to cost $19.99. We’ll have more on the game soon, but don’t let this one fly under your radar even with those big releases on the way.

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