Vive Wireless Adapter Won’t Work With Laptops, HTC Investigating Options

by Ian Hamilton • August 22nd, 2018

We’ve confirmed with HTC the Vive Wireless Adapter won’t work with laptops at launch.

The official adapter starts shipping in September for $300 and promises to make both Vive and Vive Pro headsets wireless, assuming of course that the PC you use to render your virtual world has an open PCI-E slot to connect the accessory. Laptops usually lack that option, which makes using the adapter a problem. An HTC representative said they are looking into options “but it won’t be available at launch.”

We’ve seen the Vive Wireless Adapter in use at a couple different events from CES through to E3 and even in some multiplayer arrangements. If the adapter works well in real-world scenarios, it seems like the kind of accessory most Vive owners are going to want to add to their system. We’ll have to wait, however, to see how the accessory works over an extended period of time.

The adapter is set to start shipping on Sept. 24 with pre-orders going live Sept. 5 on Amazon, Best Buy and others.

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