Viveland Is HTC’s Huge New VR Arcade for Taiwan

by Jamie Feltham • November 2nd, 2016

Start saving up quarters and practicing your best lap times in Project CARS; HTC is making a big push to bring back arcades with VR.

Or at least it is in Taiwan. Last weekend the company launched Viveland, a new arcade featuring its HTC Vive headset, in the country’s capital of Taipei. Launched in partnership with Syntrend Creative Park, the attraction takes up 330 square meters on the third floor of the site, and features PCs powered by AMD Radeon graphics cards and SteelSeries wireless headphones. Currently, arcade features over 20 different experiences to try, including games like Fruit Ninja VR, and Everest VR.


There are also four different zones, each with a different theme. That includes one for Front Defense, the HTC-developed, war-set first-person shooter that debuted earlier in the year. There are also areas for Slightly Mad Studios’ popular racing simulator, Project CARS, high-rise simulator, The Walk, and an alien shooter known as Bounty VR in 4D. A mixed reality area also features a green screen so that you can record your gameplay experience and take it home with you.

But what about prices? HTC provided New Taiwan Dollar ticket costs, which we’ve listed below along with what they work out to in USD.

Closed Booth: NT$400/$12.70 USD per 30-minute session
Open Booth: NT$200/$6.35 USD per 15-minute session
Front Defense: NT$200/$6.35 USD per session
Project CARS: NT$250/$7.94 USD per session
The Walk: NT$150/$4.76 USD per session
Bounty VR in 4D: NT$200/$6.35 USD per session
Mixed Reality: NT$300/$9.53 USD per 15-minute session

It’s one of several interesting moves HTC has been making in the Asia region of late, having also introduced the Vive to hotels and announced its Vivepaper peripheral in partnership with a Chinese publication. It will be interesting to see if the company plans to bring a Vive arcade to the West, where location-based VR is heating up with roller coaster rides, casino-based installations, and IMAX VR theaters.

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  • 夜痕

    I even hadn’t finish reading this article just to remind you, as a tech news website, you don’t call Taiwan a country. That should be a common sense.

    • Taiwan is a free and independent country. I know that because I live in Taiwan.

      • 夜痕

        It’s totally OK for you to say this as a Taiwanese, and I wouldn’t try to convince you any point. But that’s not the case for a non-political website like UploadVR. Whether Taiwan is a Country or not is still a question to be discussed, but UploadVR is just not the appropriate organization to offer a anwser.

        • GuderianKrieg

          Right, so you’re saying that Taiwan, with its independently elected government, military forces, economy/currency and culture is not its own country? Non-recognition by international organizations and other countries is not the same as saying that the country itself does not exist. Its actually good that UploadVR can see through the lies and bribes that the CCP uses to try and isolate our country.

    • Gatteo

      What a stupid wumao, storming everywhere with your propaganda BS

    • GuderianKrieg

      I hadn’t even finished reading your comment, just to remind you, as a mainlander, you are the only ones deluded and stupid enough to think Taiwan is a part of your communist, backwoods country. That should be common sense, but I can see that you lack it.

      Shit like this wumao here is why nobody in Taiwan want the mainlanders in charge. Disrespectful, uncivilized and uncultured. Yet they think their shit doesn’t stink

      • 夜痕

        Just calm down you guys. It’s a surprise to see China mainland Wumao is so well-known in the world. But I have never been a Wumao but rather a “愤青”(deeply hope you guys know that does this word mean). I’m so disappointed by the mainland government that it will never has the honor for me to do the so-called propaganda. Please pay attention to my words when I said I didn’t try to tell anyone that Taiwan is not a country. What I’m saying is that UploadVR or its editor is not supposed to chaim Taiwan IS a country. Seriously I don’t care who is in charge, the Communist Party, KMT or anyone else, but the territory of Taiwan remains to be part of China,never to be divided. If you guys just keep saying that you are Wumao, so what you are taiking about is bullshit, then I would ask you guys to open your minds, and shut you mouth btw.

        • Sorry to see it escalate like this, but to emphasize once again: Taiwan was never part of People’s Republic of China, and the majorty of Taiwanese want to remain independent. Taiwan is not part of China, if you believe so, you are lying to yourself, very simply. And that is the result of decades of communist propaganda, that reasonable people like you still don’t acknowledge the truth about Taiwan.

          • GuderianKrieg

            True that. This is what indoctrination does to people. They don’t realize how foolish the things they say are, because it is all they’ve known. I’m a second generation 外省人 and I wholeheartedly agree that Taiwan is not a part of the People’s Republic, the PRC has never had jurisdiction over the island. Though it failed miserably when it tried to invade the outlying outpost of Kinmen in the 50s.

          • 夜痕

            I always try to be nice. When I said Taiwan is part of China, I mean the Greater China as a whole Asian region, not a state governed by any political party. What I’m try to express is, let’s avoid any disgusting political issues potentially caused by any unthoughtful word and just enjoy the promising VR world. Best wishes

        • GuderianKrieg

          The reality is that Taiwan functions as an independent country, free from the influence of the CCP. You blame us for escalating things, yet you were the one to initiate things by criticizing the website for speaking the truth of the nationhood of Taiwan. Make no mistake, we WILL NOT sit idly and watch as you people try and make things like your own personal fantasy that Taiwan somehow magically becomes part of the PRC. You better believe you can’t get away with this sort of crap ever again.

          • 夜痕

            Come on. I’m not an expert on international disputes, nor you are. But at least, a “deluded” person like me can effectively bear in mind the minimum respect for any possible truth and stay humble, while you have always been aggresively emphasizing what you know is simple the only “truth”, never hesitate to call someone else as being “stupid” and “foolish”. So just read my words AGAIN, tell me which point is incorrect. I’ll be glad to learn and acknowlledge, if anything. But remember, try to be reasonable and polite, for the sake of your non-indoctrinatio education you’ve receive.

          • GuderianKrieg

            In order to identify what words of yours or incorrect, you should constantly question your words and statements. In what way is Taiwan NOT a country? Is it a good idea to make that claim on a website dedicated to VR and technology? How will the average Taiwanese person react when someone tells them that their country is not actually a country? Think that through (and imagine that the CCP isn’t looking over your shoulder) and I am certain you may find our collective responses to your initial comment to be unsurprising.

          • 夜痕

            I have to clarify again that I never said any sentence like “Taiwan is NOT a country”. My point is UploadVR shouldn’t simply chaim Taiwan IS one. A question should remain to be a question, and any thoughtless conclusion is not responsible untill an agreement has been reached. You guys insist Taiwan is a country, fine with me, totally reasonable and understandable. Actually I have no interest or ability to convince anyone that Taiwan isn’t one. I just don’t care. Come on, I work as an VR employee, not a government officer, and definitely not a Wumao. But you should still keep in mind that there are someone out there who don’t think the same way with you, and they may have a reason to do so. By the way, I do notice that your latest conments are much more nicer, and I really appreciate that.

          • GuderianKrieg

            And is there a particular reason why UploadVR should NOT claim that Taiwan is a country? It is not an entity owned by the CCP or any other international body. It does not speak for any nation, or the international community as a whole. It is free to decide how to describe Taiwan, and I am simply glad that they chose not to bow down to an international bully that makes all attempts to claim otherwise. Honestly this really has nothing to do with politics, and though you may not be a Wumao, the way you phrased your initial comment was extremely similar to that of one. You were basically telling them to check their rhetoric, as if it really genuinely any of your business to do so. If you really didn’t care about this matter, perhaps you shouldn’t have posted it on a comments section where everybody could see.

            As it stands not, unfortunately to your previous statement, Taiwan is currently not a part of “Greater China” and you honestly only have the government in Beijing to thank for that. Threatening to invade or cut-ties if we don’t concede to certain demands and agreements, screwing with our political allies, pushing us out of international organizations. The current situation in Hong Kong also puts the government in a really bad light as well. You have to understand that these actions look extremely bad to a majority of people in Taiwan, especially younger people. This is why we elected a DPP official, instead of a KMT “8%” or a maniac like Hung Hsiu-Chu. Honestly? I doubt “Chinese Reunification” will ever happen at any time in the future, not with the way the CCP has tainted the mainland’s reputation. Sorry, but I feel like I speak for a majority of people in Taiwan when I say this, and I believe the way the election went will be evidence to this.

          • UploadVR saying what Taiwan is (a country) is not politicizing anything, it’s fact. You saying Taiwan was part of China, that is politicizing, because you’re repeating a political claim by CPC.

          • 夜痕

            So you guys just equal China to China mainland? I bet you didn’t notice that I do use China and China mainland for different meanings. See? That’s the problem.

        • blu333oceunce

          Oh my. It’s so sad to see that Asians are so divided. Chinese/Japanese, Mainlander/Hongkonger, North/South Korean/Vietnamese… Even the most benign situation could spiral into shitfest, like this. I’d like to remind you guys that we’re in a website dedicates to VIRTUAL REALITY and we’re witnesses to a historic moment where VR/AR may change the world for the better. Out of all places, this is the most inappropriate place/time for your debate.

          I’m Vietnamese btw.

  • GuderianKrieg

    Quite an interesting article. Its good to see the VR culture getting some popularity in Taiwan! Hopefully we’ll see more arcades like this pop up in other countries in the region, and hopefully in the West as well.