Viveport Is Offering Superhot VR, Arizona Sunshine, Accounting+, Sariento, and The Wizards For Just $1 Each

by David Heaney • November 15th, 2018

HTC’s Viveport PC VR app store is currently offering an incredible dealSuperhot VR, Arizona Sunshine, Accounting+, Sariento, and The Wizards for just $1 each.

Viveport is unique amongst VR app stores in that it offers a subscription option instead of just regular purchasing. For $8.99 per month, subscribers can play 5 games per month from a selection of hundreds of titles.

This offer is technically only for Viveport subscribers, but anyone can access it by signing up for the free 14 day trial.

Superhot VR – 96% Off

Superhot VR is a unique shooter experience where the faster you move, the faster time moves. If you keep completely still, time will freeze. It is a perfect blend of mental and physical challenge, and perhaps one of the best VR games ever made.

Buying it at $1 saves $24 over the regular Viveport price. When we reviewed the game, we gave it 9/10, concluding:

SUPERHOT VR is a pure, distilled, injection of unadulterated adrenaline that will get your blood pumping just as quickly as time stops in the game itself. With every movement you make, time creeps forward ever so slightly, and everything from the level design to the way it feels to dodge a series of bullets in slow-motion is orchestrated to reinforce the core ideals of the experience. From start to finish it plays out like a fantasy ripped from the screen of every action movie; an indulgent cacophony of visual and gameplay excitement.

Arizona Sunshine – 97% Off

Arizona Sunshine is a zombie FPS with a full voice acted singleplayer campaign and co-op multiplayer. Buying it at $1 saves $39 – this is a staggeringly good deal. When we reviewed the game, we gave it 8.5/10, concluding:

Vertigo Games proved that even in the most saturated genre we’ve seen for VR games this year — shooters with zombies — there was still room for something fresh. Arizona Sunshine combines the narrative power of a fully-featured 4+ hour campaign mode, with the intensity of a wave-based horde mode, and then adds multiplayer to both experiences. The protagonist’s witty humor make it worth recommending on his charming personality alone, with enough depth and variety to keep people coming back for several hours. By doing so many things so well, Arizona Sunshine quickly rose to the top of the pack as the best overall zombie shooter we’ve seen yet in VR.

Accounting+ – 92% Off

Accounting+ is a unique comedy game with the voice acting of Rick and Morty star Justin Roiland. Buying it at $1 means saving $11. When we reviewed the game, we loved it, concluding:

I wish there were more VR experiences like Accounting+. I’d sooner take another 20 rides on its unpredictable emotional rollercoaster than suffer another wave shooter. But its individuality is ultimately what makes it so memorable, and I believe that as developers gain a tighter grasp on what really makes VR tick, this will be seen as a key cornerstone of what helped us get there.

Sariento – 97% Off

Sariento at $1 means saving $29. While we haven’t yet formally reviewed the game, it currently sits at 90% positive reviews on Steam, and is a frequently recommended buy in the VR community.

The Wizards – 95% Off

The Wizards at $1 means saving $19. When we reviewed the game, we gave it 7/10, concluding:

On the gamut of magic-based first-person action games, The Wizards is definitely one of the better ones. Its spell-casting system is interactive without being too cumbersome and the campaign mode packs a decent amount of content. Plenty of collectibles, a replayable Arena mode, and lots of mission augmentations add up to this being one of the best ways to live out your most fantastical magical fantasies in VR. We just wanted more and preferably multiplayer of some kind.

Viveport Is Hitting Its Stride

Viveport originally only (officially) supported the HTC Vive, but in September the company added support for the Oculus Rift. HTC has been enticing developers to its store by providing them with 100% net revenue share for Q4 2018.

While some may prefer to have all their VR games on Steam, this deal is simply too good to avoid no matter what your store preferences. We highly recommend snagging these prices while you can – HTC may have just launched the best offer in VR gaming history.

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