Vive’s New Promo Shows The World VR Could Make

by Jamie Feltham • April 4th, 2017

With Vive’s anniversary coming up, HTC China has revealed a new advert for its VR headset, and it’s notable for focusing on practically every use of the tech outside of games.

Sure, entertainment gets a little time in the spotlight in the video below, but the promo is far more concerned with other use cases for VR. In its opening moments we see an elderly man travel across the globe to greet his family before two doctors meet up in VR to discuss work together. Later on a child uses VR to learn about the universe. Granted VR isn’t yet at the level the footage suggests, but it’s very much a clip of what HTC sees Vive doing for the world beyond the many games available today, and a good reminder of VR’s potential to impact every single one of us.

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