VR Cast: Predictions for 2017 As Facebook VR Finally Emerges

by Joe Durbin • February 2nd, 2017

Welcome to our humble podcast! Every week(ish) Joe Durbin and Ashley Whitlatch go over the biggest VR news of the past seven days. Plus, we always try to give you a healthy dose of analysis and surprises along the way.

This week, we’re giving you our big VR predictions for 2017 which include the potential emergence of Facebook VR and the growth of immersive education. We’ll also talk about Arizona Sunshine‘s amazing success and the FOVE eye-tracking headset. Enjoy!

Have questions? Email [email protected] to have your inquiry read on the air! Tune in next week where our guest will be UploadVR’s brand new editor-in-chief Tal Blevins: co-founder of IGN Entertainment. See you there!

Music Credit: Ross Bugden

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  • Sergio Hickey

    You were an order of magnitude off in your… calculation.

  • Sergio Hickey

    Oh, and let Ashley speak more. Please.

  • Ryan Jones

    Agreed, stop steamrolling Ashley, she had great comments but she could barely talk.

  • elev8d

    Can you guys normalize your audio next time or pay a little more attention to input levels to make sure both voices are outputting at the same level? When you are listening via headphones it can be painful to listen to. Ashley’s voice was much quieter than Joe’s.