VR FPS Zero Caliber’s Alpha Gets A Date, Here’s How To Sign-Up

by Jamie Feltham • August 9th, 2018

Xreal Games is nearly ready to invite its first Alpha testers to the world of Zero Caliber.

We’ve had an eye on this military shooter for a few months now, largely because its initial trailer looks so polished but also thanks to Xreal’s impressive previous project, A-Tech Cybernetic. Come next week, HTC Vive owners will get to try out the multiplayer action for themselves with an Alpha testing period starting on August 14th. If you’re interested in taking part you’ll need to apply over on the game’s Discord channel by tomorrow. The video below shows you what you can expect.

Note that the Alpha is strictly for Vive owners at this point, so if you have a Rift you won’t be getting an optimized experience. Xreal is also putting anyone that takes part in the testing under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which is worth noting before you jump in.

The Alpha will last until at least August 21st and you’ll be able to leave feedback on the same Discord channel. Following that, Xreal plans to release a public demo for the game that will let Rift owners get in on the fun.

Zero Caliber is set to offer cooperative and competitive online shooter gameplay using realistic weapons. In co-op, you’ll have to strategize to survive against swarms of enemies.

The game is set to arrive in Early Access later this year.

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