VR Horror Veteran ‘Dreadhalls’ Gets Touch Support, Vive Version Coming

by Jamie Feltham • January 11th, 2017

Even after all this time, we still think White Door Games’ Dreadhalls is one of VR’s scariest games. Mechanically, though, it was starting to look a little dated.

Dreadhalls is one of the Gear VR and Oculus Rift’s pioneering horror games, having first launched on the former mobile headset all the way back in the days of its experimental ‘Innovators Edition’. It came to Rift in time for launch, too, and both versions of the game required a gamepad to be played. It’s hard to imagine the game being played in any other way, but White Door Games this week released Oculus Touch support for it.

Check out the video below showcasing the new Touch controls. You can now light your way with a little more direction by holding a lantern with one hand, and point to objects you want to grab to bring them towards you with the other. You’ll also be able to bring up the in-game map with your right hand, with which you can chart your progress through procedurally-generated dungeons. In every game of Dreadhalls you’ll have to navigate these dungeons, making sure to avoid enemies as you search for an exit.

It doesn’t look like Touch integration fundamentally changes the game, which is completely understandable given its age. It feels a little like the Touch/Vive wand/Move controller support nDreams recently added to the previously gamepad-only The Assembly, or Mojang’s official Touch controls for the Rift-enabled version of Minecraft. These games still rely on the gamepad-driven mechanics they were built on, but the option to use position-tracked controls has been added to increase immersion.

Dreadhalls is also due to make its debut on PlayStation VR later this year as part of a Herocade collection of games, though the developer’s Sergio Hidalgo confirmed to UploadVR that it won’t be supporting PlayStation Move controls, though he didn’t rule a patch post-launch. Hidalgo also confirmed that a Vive version of the game was in the works, which will also support both gamepad and Vive wands. There’s no word on when it might arrive, however.

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  • Torian

    I thought Dreadhalls first came out during DK1 days of the rift? I recall playing it ages before GearVR was out.

  • Get Schwifty!

    Well its nice to see your hand and all, but not being able to pick up items and examine is not really true Touch support….