Japan’s New VR Ninja Dojo Actually Trains You To Be An Assassin

by Jamie Feltham • March 5th, 2019

Leave it to Japan to take location-based VR to the next level. As if Mario Kart and Dragonball VR experiences weren’t enough, you can soon train to be a ninja in VR. Really.

The VR Ninja Dojo isn’t just some flashy wave-based VR arcade game. Well, it isn’t just that at least. It’s a full theatrical experience. Launching in Tokyo later this month, you’ll dress up at a ninja and undergo rigorous training. Throw ninja stars, learn how to wield a sword, maybe slit a throat or two (not really). Lessons are conducted in English. I’m not entirely convinced ancient ninja lessons would have been in English too, but there we go. Check out the flashy trailer below.

Once the training’s over, you’ll adorn an HTC Vive headset. You’ll then be outfitted with a range of Vive Trackers fitted to your arms and a sword handle. Now it’s time for the wave-based game. The VR game consists of fending off ancient monsters both big and small. You’ll slice them up with your blade but also hurl ninja stars because everyone wants to do that. Massive boss encounters top things off. You can see footage of it below.

If you think that gameplay looks familiar that’s because it is. This is a new experience from Five for, the developer of Circle of Saviors. That was a VR app that went viral a few years ago thanks to one ass-kicking player showing everyone how it’s done.

The VR Ninja Dojo opens On March 18th and is taking bookings now. Entry price at the door is 8,000 yen, which equates to about $71 dollars (yikes). The experience lasts around 75 – 90 minutes and also includes a VR photo.

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