VR Stealth Game Espire 1 Reemerges From The Shadows With Amazing Trailer

by Jamie Feltham • September 21st, 2018

All the way back in February 2017 we wrote about Espire 1: VR Operative, a promising new VR stealth game from indie developer Michael Wentworth-Bell. Around August last year, though, the game went dark. That is until this week.

Now under the name of Digital Lode, the developer has reemerged from the shadows with an amazing new trailer for Espire 1 along with the news that it’s going to be published by Killing Floor: Incursion developer, Tripwire Interactive. The game’s set to offer a full single-player campaign. Check it out below.

Espire 1 looks like it could finally deliver on the promise of the thrilling VR stealth game. Playing as an Espire operative, you sneak through environments using weapons and high-tech gadgets to clear the way. Much like Budget Cuts and Unknightly before it, the game will place an emphasis on the player’s physical movement, allowing them to throw magazines that will create noisy distractions and even knock guards unconscious by hitting them with the butt of your weapon. Wall-climbing and crouching through vents also appears to be in.

On top of the campaign, there will be challenge missions to compete in via global leaderboards. One especially nice touch is the use of the built-in microphones in VR headsets, which allow you to make noises to distract guards but might also have you tripping up too. Tripwire is doing more than just publishing the game, though, having contributed to marketing, tech, art and audio for the project. Hopefully that will give Espire 1 a level of polish that it couldn’t have achieved before.

For now, we know that Epsire 1 will be arriving sometime in 2019 for unconfirmed headsets, though the game’s previously been shown running on an HTC Vive.

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