VR Strategy Game Skyworld Now Coming To Windows VR, Rift, and Vive This Fall

by David Jagneaux • August 17th, 2017

Skyworld from Vertigo Games, the creators of Arizona Sunshine, is a VR strategy that’s aiming to modernize a classic game genre. Today, we learned that not only is the upcoming title coming to Rift and Vive later this fall, but the Windows Mixed Reality platform as well. While Microsoft is referring to the entire ecosystem as Windows Mixed Reality, for all intents and purposes the only Windows headsets we’ve got our hands on thus far (the HP and Acer) are both just VR headsets.

The only video footage we’ve got so far is the short teaser trailer below that shows bits and pieces of gameplay. As far as we can tell Skyworld looks to be about as polar-opposite as you can get when compared to the intense, fast-paced, bloody action of the company’s previous game.

According to a press release from Vertigo Games the title is aiming to be accessible and highly interactive with a full single-player campaign, skirmish mode, and cross-platform online multiplayer — all par for the course by strategy game standards. One of the best strategy titles we’ve seen in VR thus far is AirMech Command, which was a launch title for Rift and originally released over a year and a half ago. Although, the likes of Brass Tactics are still on the horizon too, so the genre isn’t forgotten as we move into the genre into the immersive landscape.

That’s about all we know about Skyworld at this time. Expect to find out more in the coming weeks as Fall gets closer and look forward to seeing Skyworld on Rift, Vive, and Windows VR in just a few months. Let us know what you think of the game thus far down in the comments below!

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