VR Treadmill Omni Reveals Ommniverse Content Platform

by Jamie Feltham • September 12th, 2017

Virtuix’s Omni treadmill allows players to walk and run through virtual worlds, but finding the right content for the kit can be a challenge. Virtuix itself is tackling that issue.

The company today announced Omniverse, a content delivery and arcade management platform that is intended for use by commercial Omni operators such as arcades. You can essentially think of it as a hub world from which users can access compatible games while owners can maintain operation, setting stats like usage time and more.

Currently Omniverse has 16 games available, with more to come in the future. Current highlights include spooky VR showcase Affected: The Manor, Predator-esque first-person shooter (FPS) Primordian, and visually arresting role-playing game The SoulKeeper VR. Omni’s own VR software, the eSports-themed Omni Arena, is also included. You can see the full list below.

Omniverse will also store user analytics on usage and gameplay, while players will be able to jump between apps at will while inside VR. Payments will also be automatically be facilitated between operators and game developers on a dollar-per-minute basis.

Omniverse is rolling out to existing commercial customers immediately.

• AFFECTED – The Manor
• Bow Master
• Coin Rush
• Hyperdrome
• Karnage Chronicles
• Nature Treks VR
• Omni Arena
• Primordian
• Project Ghost
• Quell 4D
• QuiVr
• The Bellows
• The SoulKeeper VR
• TRAVR: Shadow Ops
• TRAVR: Training Ops
• VRZ Torment

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  • Maciej Nowy

    F U Virtuix…. they are nothing but bunch of con artists. They promised product, took my money and kept it for years, just to show the middle finger right after they found a sponsor. Only because I (and many others) don’t live in US and We can’t sue them. Because of them thousands of people will never use kickstarter again. I certainly wont.

    • NooYawker

      You think living in the US helps against Kickstarter scams? Nope, US residents are just as screwed as you when it comes to kickstarter.

    • VR Cat

      Most start-up tech companies can’t sustain themselves by the consumer VR market, as it hasn’t lived up to analysts’ predictions yet. This isn’t the fault of Virtuix, and anyone affected has been offered a full refund. Virtuix is one of the few VR hardware Kickstarters that’s delivering their product and helping the industry to grow. Focusing on commercial use is really the best hope for a resurgence of consumer VR in years to come, when the overall price comes down and the specs have improved. Virtuix is helping VR developers to market their content to consumers through arcades, and helping them generate much needed revenue through Omniverse now. That will hopefully lead to more great content in the future. Anyone who supported Virtuix through the Kickstarter (like myself) should be proud of what they started, though I understand the refund program caused a lot of disappointment.

      • Maciej Nowy

        Well, they didn’t deliver it to me, and after that much of waiting I didn’t give a **** about the refund. I bet You are one of few lucky guys who so happened to live in US so Virtuix send You (like other US backers) omni to avoid lawsuit. I bet at least half of the money they collected via kickstarter/pre-orders was outside of US (if not more). And using this money they design, and produce hundreds/thousands of omnis. Then as soon as Hero Entertainment(as far as im aware chinese company dealing with game arcades) sign deal with them they suddenly realized that they can’t ship outside US (although omni is produced in china) and nobody outside US will get it. But here is BEST PART. Me and other non-US customers offered that We will collect the omni from Virtuix base in Texas and ship it by ourselves. When Virtuix heard about that they change their mind and sad that is not about shipment but about being unable to provide maintenance/warranty to non-US customers. So me and others offered that We will take omni without warranty. They refused. So VR Cat, could You please tell me how it wasn’t their fault? Because for me the conclusion is simple. They just need these units for Hero Entertainment. Units which has been build with our money. Con artists and nothing more.

        • VR Cat

          Kickstarter backers got their units at about a 90% discount according to another article, and were shipped at a loss to the company. The refunds would also have been expensive, but they didn’t want to keep holding onto that money after all the earlier delays during R&D and no guarantee of when a consumer distribution network would be ready. It’s understandable under the circumstances that they couldn’t go as far as shipping every single order / pledge reward internationally at such a loss (or great expense to the customer). So they’ve switched to focusing on commercial for now – as many other VR companies have. I think it will fit in very well in the new breed of VR arcades, and I’m sure it will succeed there – VR content is awesome and people do want these experiences, but for now it can reach a lot more people (and achieve greater heights) through arcades than it can through the consumer hardware that’s in circulation.

          Of course it sucks for everyone who wanted to have that in their home,
          but couldn’t. Virtuix made every reasonable effort to deliver units where possible, and offer refunds where they couldn’t. For a start-up company, that’s a good achievement. Most importantly, I think they deserve some credit for helping to build a foundation for consumer VR. Keeping developers funded is very important – without content there’s no future for the industry. Some of the content they’ve got optimized for the platform is pretty amazing (not least Quell 4D and Karnage Chronicles), and I’m hoping this initiative will help studios make more of such titles – so many VR games shy away from full locomotion, even though they’d really benefit from it. Let’s give this a chance and see what comes of it in a few years’ time.

          • Maciej Nowy

            Two things:
            1) You live in US and You was lucky enough to get Your one, didn’t You? That is why You defending them for screwing everybody else.

            2) “Virtuix made every reasonable effort to deliver units” No they didn’t… not only every but they didn’t make any effort. I was ready to make every effort get this but in the shortcut that is how the conversation with Virtuix looked like:

            Virtuix: We can’t ship internationally.
            Me: I will collect it from Your base in Texas and ship it by myself.
            Virtuix: We can’t allow that. It is not about shipment but about being unable to provide maintenance/warranty.
            Me: I will take it without warranty
            Virtuix: No
            Me: I will pay extra and wait if it is about cost or unit availability
            Virtuix: No answer,

            VR Cat please tell me where was that every reasonable effort to deliver my unit?

            And BTW I really hope Virtuix will fail. Wich they probably will for screwing they initial fan base which was so hyped about it… like me. Anyway, other solutions coming, most of them have far better design then Virtuix. KatWALK looks a lot better, and You can buy one as a private customer if Im not wrong. I didn’t do it before as it has a cable problem, but now when TPCAST is available for preorder I think I will order one.

            Virtuix = con artists.

  • Ted Joseph

    Will this work with the Rift, Microsoft MR, or the new Pimax headsets? I would love one of these in my basement, with a 200 deg FOV Pimax on my head!!!

    • Maciej Nowy

      No it wont because right now they wont sell it to private customers, they selling it only to businesses. Few lucky people in US got it the rest of kickstarter backers has been ****** over.

      • Ted Joseph

        I am sure they will eventually sell it to the public if enough people request it? I cant see this not happening as they are not going to get the sales from VR arcades alone…

        • NooYawker

          So you think if all the people screwed over by their kickstarter campaign will get what they paid for if they request it enough?

          • Maciej Nowy

            No they wont… they told me (and like 100 other people) that they cant send it outside US and when we offered we will collect it from US and transport it by ourselves they change the version saying that they cant provide maintenance outside US. Con artists nothing more.

        • Maciej Nowy

          Customer Version was offered for $300 (or something) then after kickstarter You could preorder it first for $699 then for $999. Now commercial version is available for $7000. Plus good knows what fees for maintenance. Im sure they will make they money. The problem is they created the Omni on my money, and money of people like me and then they just show us middle finger.

  • This is obviously a platform dedicated to arcades. Virtuix is geared towards enterprise usage now

    • Maciej Nowy

      It might be now, but it wasn’t when they have taking my money to build their platform. They’ve build their business on my money and money other peoples like my. Now they will profiting on it and We have been left with nothing. Con artists. I hope they will fail.