The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week 12/16/18

by Jamie Feltham • December 21st, 2018

It’s the second to last full week of 2018 (!) but the VR releases are still coming thick and fast. There’s nothing strictly traditional on the list this week, which is a very good sign for those in search of something new.

Miss last week’s releases? They’re right here. What else is to come? You can find out right here in our December games list.

Polybius, from Llamasoft
Price: $17.99 (Rift)

Jeff Minter and co’s latest trip into arcade ecstasy is this dizzying tunnel shooter that provides a true assault on the senses. It’s based on an arcade game that was pulled from locations long ago due to its overwhelming light show. As a side note; Minter previously confirmed that the PSVR version of the game was yet to make any money so, if you want to support a truly indie VR dev, now’s a good time. See also Llamasoft’s release of Minotaur Arcade this week.

Wrench, from Missing Digit
Price: $19.99 (Rift, Vive)

A different kind of car simulator. Wrench has you building and installing car engines, using VR’s position-tracked controls and accurate 3D models to provide an authentic experience. This is an Early Access release for now, but definitely something that’s worth checking out for the motorheads among us.

Dear Angelica, from Oculus Story Studio
Price: Free (Go)

Oculus Story Studio’s final and best work arrives on Go. It’s a thrilling piece, made inside Oculus Quill. It tells the story of a young girl writing to her idolized mother, an actress. The striking visuals and thoughtful approach to VR storytelling make this an absolutely essential movie.

Gun Club VR, from Binary Mill
Price: $24.99 (PSVR)

This is about as ‘what it says on the tin’ as VR gets. Gun Club VR gives you access to a wide range of pistols, rifles and more along with a host of minigames to fire them in. Not especially inspiring but, if you’ve got an itchy trigger finger while you wait to unwrap Firewall, it’s about as good as it’s going to get.

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