VRFC Is Attempting To Bring Soccer To VR Headsets

by Jamie Feltham • February 14th, 2018

Playing sports in VR can be a lot of fun, but no one has yet tried to virtualize one of the planet’s most popular games, soccer. Cherry Pop Games thinks it’s up to the task, though, with Virtual Reality Football Club (VRFC).

There’s one very big hurdle that’s prevented developers from bringing soccer to VR; most systems don’t track your feet. Unless you ask players to invest in Vive Trackers (which would drastically limit the already small audience), there’s not an effective way of keeping track of your two most important tools in any game of soccer. But Cherry Pop, which is known for its work on early social VR title, Sports Bar VR/Pool Nation VR, is tackling that issue head-on with VRFC, a first-person experience quite different to the likes of FIFA.

The game, which is coming to PSVR, Rift and Vive, features what the developer calls the Agile Locomotion system. This involves using natural arm motions when holding two motion controllers to both run and kick the ball while also using basic button presses to fine tune your kicks. We can’t tell you exactly how it will work without seeing it in action, but it sounds a little like it could be the next step beyond Sprint Vector, the VR racing game from Survios that also hits PSVR this week.

Outside of the core mechanics, VRFC offers eight player matches (with goalies being controlled by AI) as well as solo training modes. Online is cross-play, which should help broaden the player-base early on.

We’re eager to find out how the game will work and we don’t have long to wait; VRFC is coming out on February 27th.

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