VRstudios Is Bringing Its Wireless VR Entertainment Centers To Europe

by Jamie Feltham • September 15th, 2016

Fully immersive wireless VR isn’t going to be in homes for a long time, but it could be in specialized centers across Europe much sooner.

VRstudios, a Bellevue-based company known for its work with location-based VR hardware and software, expands into Europe soon with sites in three major countries. In Italy, the tech will be a part of a new virtual and augmented reality theme park, 3DWA, set to open soon. In France, the Avalon pub and VR gaming outlet will host the tech, as will Russia’s Cinema Illuzion. These sites join existing centers in Asia, the Middle East, United States and Canada. There’s no word on a possible UK site, though we’ve asked VRstudios if this is in the pipeline any time soon.

VRcade Developers testing multi-player in Gridspace copy

Additionally, former EVP of International Operations, Kevin Vitale, is now the company’s new president. Vitale joined the company in May.

The news comes a few months after VRstudios announced its worldwide expansion following a partnership with Denmark-based SmartLaunch. Under its VRcade brand, the company will offer people the chance to experience full multiplayer in VR across much larger areas than seen in home-based VR systems, without the need to be tethered to a PC. The company has its own software to back up its tech, including horror shooter Time Zombies.

The company will be showcasing its technology at the EAS Conference and Expo in Barcelona, Spain from September 20th – 22nd. Attendees can sample its new, fully wireless multiplayer game, Barking Iron, on the show floor.

Location-based VR is quickly becoming an important part of the industry. Last month, we reported that IMAX would soon be launching its own VR facilities in cinemas across the world, showing additive movie experiences to go along with the traditional big screen experience. The company will be using Starbreeze’s StarVR headset, which is also prioritizing location-based use cases.

The scene is certainly heating up, but the question as to if it will be viable in the long-term remains.

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