Watch This Amazing Prototype Video Of Minecraft In AR Using Apple’s ARKit

by David Jagneaux • June 26th, 2017

If we’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that if it has a screen or some way of display visuals, then it can and will probably play Minecraft. All modern smartphones, tablets, game systems, computers, and more all have Minecraft. In fact, it’s already spread to VR devices like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and even HTC Vive. But since we’re still waiting on the big augmented reality (AR) breakthrough to take the tech into the mainstream it hasn’t been implemented on that level yet in a consumer-facing way.

YouTube user Matthew Hallberg utilizes Apple’s new ARKit to experiment with what it might be like to play Minecraft in AR. Anyone that’s played the popular sandbox building and creation game know that you typically start by having a world (or “seed”) procedurally generated. No two game worlds are ever the same. You then explore, mine, and build things as you fight to survive. In the case of Minecraft AR though, the world you’re building in is just the real world around you with modern AR technology layered on top of it all. Check it out in the prototype video he made right here:

Sometimes it’s tough to imagine gaming-focused use cases for AR, but Minecraft seems like a great example. Imagine an official LEGO app that utilized AR displays — you’d never have to clean up those pesky blocks ever again.

Let us know what you think of the idea down in the comments below!

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  • It’s just Minecraft on your phone but with some crappy footage of your house in the background. You’d be better off just playing the full version of the game made for mobile without the AR gimmick.

    And remember, this is literally being shown and played on a tiny 6 inch phone screen; it’s not even full AR that projects [somewhat] over your actual sight/view via some kind of AR headset/googles or whatever.

    Again, another AR demonstration that completely and utterly fails to impressive me.

    Minecraft in VR is cool because it really does bring something neat to the table; but Minecraft using some basic AR on your phone like this is just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to me.

    • wigby

      What if you could build a virtual Minecraft in your backyard and share that space with another person also in your backyard? Now imagine that objects and other people and animals affecting the AR experience further. Microsoft Hololens already does this and Apple is probably about a year away from this too. It just takes a little imagination for potential applications to excite even the curmudgeonist of curmudgeons.

      • It’s still being displayed and played on a tiny phone screen in this particular example.

        • wigby

          Is that a bad thing? I would think that a small and light screen would be a much better mobile experience.

          • As far as AR goes, it’s pretty worthless imo.

    • Bruce LeSourd

      Pokemon Go had even lamer AR.

  • Joan Villora Jofré

    Amazing works

  • ArA

    fuck AR

    VR wil make it, AR gaming will fail.

    • wigby

      Your comment has already been proven wrong. What are the total number of VR players (a few million) vs. the total number of AR players (50-70 million Pokemon players)? You may not like AR games but that doesn’t mean they won’t dominate in both revenue and popularity as casual game experiences.

  • Can the author or admin let us know the comments policy? Another one of my comments was deleted and I’d like to know why.

  • daveinpublic

    Wow, looks awesome

  • I think it’s a really cool demo showing how accurate placement/tracking can be using hardware that’s already in the hands of millions of people with no additional hardware purchase required. Looking forward to seeing what practical applications come out of this. For example using the new Apple AR kit to accurately measure objects is a cool start.

    • Lets see if Upload VR deletes my comment above which I posted twice before, but included a link to another site showing some pretty cool demos…

  • Piasecznik

    Nice try with fake app. Minecraft is tile based and there is no way to place tiles rotated any degrees other than multiplies of 90.
    Short cuts are annoying as hell :/

    • wigby

      Who said this was anything but a demo for ARKit on a still unreleased OS?

    • Relax, it’s just a tech demo. The article even links to the person who made it and they’re not affiliated with Mojang. Also not sure the last time you played Minecraft but they’ve added items that can be placed that aren’t restricted to 90 degrees.

  • If you can think about it, there’s a Minecraft demo about it 😀