Watch Hands-On Gameplay Of Skyrim VR And DOOM VFR On PSVR

by David Jagneaux • November 7th, 2017

Bethesda’s slate of VR offerings is fast approaching. First up, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is set to release this November 17th, less than two weeks away on PlayStation VR (PSVR). Then we’ve got DOOM VFR on PSVR and Vive coming December 1st and Fallout 4 VR on Vive coming shortly after on December 12th.

Last week at a private press PlayStation preview event in San Francisco, CA, we got the chance to take a swing at updated demos of both Skyrim VR on PSVR and DOOM VFR on PSVR. The Skyrim VR demo featured, for the first-time ever in a hands-on setting, full, smooth locomotion without teleporting on both PS Move and Dualshock 4 controllers. Then on the DOOM VFR side of things we played it with the physical PS Aim controller. You can read our full impressions at the links provided.

Now above we’ve got actual gameplay videos of myself trying each game, although each video is only a few minutes long. We’ll have more thoughts on both titles, as well as Fallout 4 VR, as we get closer to launch. In the meantime — what do you think of Skyrim VR and DOOM VFR so far? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • Will

    Curious to see how much patience users have with being in a VR headset for such an extended period of time.

    • iUserProfile

      I’ve had patience for hours. Don’t know why people are expecting Skyrim VR sessions have to be longer or diffrent than RE7 sessions or Farpoint sessions. For me the length of my gamesessions has never been in relation to a games total length (amount of content) – not with VR and not with usual games. It’s just a matter of how many sessions I can have before I’ve seen all of a game.
      I’ve seen this strange reasoning pop up more and more – I just don’t get why people are thinking that way.

      • Will

        For some, gaming is something you do while lying on your couch being lazy. There is a lot of movement and standing for these sessions so pulling a 8-12 hour in game session (which some people do) will be a challenge. I am not saying it would be a problem for me, but i’m curious how the market responds

        • Skyrim VR plays great with just a Dualshock 4 and you can recenter your view to be wherever your head is pointed so you can totally kick back if you want. That being said, I get what you mean.

        • Ethan James Trombley

          I’m guessing we will see a bit of decline in average time played per session. However, with the ability to play on DS4 those who are inclined to be sedentary should be satisfied. If your like me though, you can spend hours at a time. I’ve played my vive for over 5 hours at once without even realizing it before.

          • mirak

            They have to cut the parts that artifically extend game length, like having to travel real time, endless looting, useless achievements.

        • LoreII

          For me, since they invented vr, gaming is not on couch anymore! ;D

        • mirak

          Why would play 8-12 hours even sitting ?
          It would even be healthier do that standing.

        • mirak

          It could attract less lazy people who like sports and vidéo games, there is also some market to expand.

  • LoreII

    How you could move so smoothly with moves?

  • Graham

    thanks for the videos David – how did the bow and arrow work in practice? Was it fiddly and annoying or did it actually work ok with the move controllers?

    • Actually using the bow was fine and felt okay. The main issue is that smooth movement with PS Move is done by pointing the left Move controller and holding the Move button to “slide” or walk across the game. When aiming the bow, you hold the left Move out in front, like you’re holding a bow, pointed upwards. The result is that it’s nearly impossible to move/strafe while wielding the bow.

      • Mike Hamner

        you can still move in the direction you are aiming though, right? Also, cant you just turn your wrist to strafe while still keeping your aim to strafe? it seems like you should be able to.

        • You can, it just doesn’t feel natural and is a bit finnicky.

      • Graham

        Thanks for replying – am keeping my fingers crossed big time!

  • Sven

    Can you turn the tunnel vision off while moving? And I assume there’s no reason why you can’t play sitting with the move controllers.

  • Max Ancar

    Can you switch off the teleport movement in doom if not I have ZERO interest in it!

    • There are two movement schemes: teleportation and quick dashing, sort of like stutter stepping. There is no smooth locomotion at all.

  • Max Ancar

    I would also like to say thanks to you David you pretty much sold me on skyrim with that smooth movement!

    • Thanks! This demo really turned me around on my expectations.

  • SandmaN

    Thanks for the videos, David, but why the super loud music over the top of them? I, and probably most of us here, really want to hear the game sounds and background commentary.

    • It was a stylistic choice by the videographer. Don’t worry, we will have direct capture gameplay footage very soon! Skyrim comes out next Friday 🙂