Watch This Incredibly Patriotic Launch Trailer For The American Dream

by David Jagneaux • March 12th, 2018

The American Dream by Samurai Punk is just around the corner with a March 14th, 2018 release date set for later this week on PSVR, Rift, and Vive. We’ve been following the game for quite some time now with our first hands-on happening all the way back a year and a half ago at PAX West 2016.

In The American Dream you experience a fictional, dystopian future in which guns rule every aspect of our lives from driving, cooking, and even dancing around high school gymnasiums. The Australian-based game developer is crafting the game as a parody of American gun culture by taking situations to their extreme to ideally help expose issues in modern society.

With such a strong message, the game lightens its mood by employing multiple silly scenarios, comical voice acting, and a heavy dose of sarcasm. We definitely get a strong South Park-style vibe from this one.

You can see the final launch trailer for The American Dream up above and check back here on Wednesday (March 14th) morning for our full review.

Let us know your thoughts so far down in the comments below!

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  • Wow… bad timing *and* in poor taste. Skipping this one with extreme prejudice.

    • Mucker2002

      I don’t disagree, But this has been in the works for ages and you talk like it would be OK if it came out three weeks ago.

      • Your perception is noted –and incorrect. I’d boycott this game regardless of when it came out.
        I’m well aware that this game had been in development for quite a while and don’t care whether it took them 2 days or 2 years, I still won’t buy a game that is nothing more than a public sevice message wrapped in propaganda. The fact that it was released the same day that schools all over the USA were in the midst of a student walkout-protest over our government’s corrupt gun laws is clearly bad timing.

        Don’t get me wrong. I love shooting things in games –the more violent the game, the more I tend to like it. The difference is, I don’t buy & play that sort of thing out of a love of guns. I’d be just as happy to defend my home with a battleaxe, swords, pikes or any other martial weapon. My problem with guns is personal — I’ve never known my dad thanks to his love of guns that lead him to serve a life sentence for murder. Three of my close friends have been murdered by gun wielding jackholes that didn’t have the cahones to take them on in a real fight. To me, its very personal, but you assume… what? That I’m some raging liberal or some excrement-for-brains conservative? Both assumptions would be dead wrong. Its not guns I have a problem with, its weak people that think they need them when they don’t; its people in other countries (the devs of this title are from Australia) assuming that *all Americans* **love** guns, when there are people here that would swiftly give a would-be assailant a lead enema for pulling a gun and not having the guts to finish the job. Why shoot someone when there are so many more fun and creative ways to end them?

        I’m offended partly by the dev’s assumptions, because this is a contentious issue that those that *don’t live here* should stay out of. We’re dealing with enough propaganda as it is and it would be wise for outsiders (non-citizens) to stay out of it.

        I’m also offended by Sony allowing the release of this title on their otherwise highly controlled platform. On PC, I wouldn’t have a problem *with the release* because its a platform that is open season for anyone with the skills and no oversight by any one company that could stop it anyway.

        I watched about an hour of gameplay just to be sure my thoughts on this were justified, and what I saw was a very boring game that makes poor use of the medium to poke fun at a serious societal problem that is currently at a boiling point here.

        Guns are ok. Gun Culture on the other hand, is a pox on our society.

    • To be fair, based on my conversations with the developer, I’d argue that this is actually the *best* timing. It’s literally the whole point.

      • Perhaps, but that’s assuming someone actually plays the game all the way through to get to the point where the dialog becomes obvious in its parody –at which point, its still a propaganda piece, and still IMO deserving of my ire and disdain.

        On one hand, we have a president railing against violence in video games while taking in the largest NRA political donation in recorded history.

        On the other hand, we had countless numbers of student protesting America’s gun laws on the exact same day that this game released.

        Given the political climate is a virtual tinderbox right now, given that propaganda is at an all-time high not seen since the cold war, and given how a large cross section of gamers are the very same kids out there protesting against the existing lax gun laws, I can’t agree with it being good timing –not unless your aim is nothing more than to add gasoline to an existing blaze.

        With all due respect for your opinions as a game reviewer, I can’t side with this game being anything other than a really bad idea.

  • polysix

    so much cartoon S*** in Vr, it’s becoming like a bad joke.

    this is NOT virtual ‘reality’. It’s a gigantic step back and a waste of VR’s true potential. I despair over the lack of imagination and the cash grab ethos of many of these early VR devs.

  • Tony_Neville

    If that is a taste of the game itself, then it is so ludicrously over the top satirizing so-called “gun culture”, it loses all power to change anyone’s mind, assuming that was the objective.

  • David D. Taylor

    This game is everything I’ve ever wanted from my real guns… to use them for everything… 😉

    But for real, as an owner of various guns, this game looks hilarious and fun. I’d buy it, but I think $20 is too steep a price. I’d pay $10 for it.