Why Peter Jackson Thinks Mixed Reality Is More Exciting Than VR (Plus New Magic Leap Video)

by Ian Hamilton • April 19th, 2016

A huge story just went live from Wired by Kevin Kelly focusing on mixed reality technology and Magic Leap, with the magazine granted exclusive access to the secretive Google-backed startup.

The article leads with a photo of the company’s “photonic lightfield chip” and reveals director Peter Jackson “serves on an advisory panel for Magic Leap, and his company will produce content for the new gear.” The article is several thousand words long and covers the breadth of the AR and VR industry, so set aside some time or grab the May issue of Wired to check out it out.

Jackson said he found mixed reality to be “much more exciting than VR” because it “doesn’t take you out of this world.” Here’s more from the director:

If you have your Magic Leap glasses on, you can look up at the Empire State Building and watch it being built in the early 1930s, floor by floor, but sped up…It could be a form of education, entertainment, and tourism. In 10 years I expect that mixed-reality technology like Magic Leap will be used as much as, if not more than, smartphones.

Magic Leap also released a new video showing never-before-seen applications said to be shot directly through the company’s technology. Be sure to check it out above. Magic Leap last raised $794 million in February to fund its expensive path toward consumers. More to come as we digest this new information about the Florida-based startup.

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