Watch: PSVR’s Bravo Team Becomes Less Bad With New Update

by Jamie Feltham • June 29th, 2018

Earlier this year Supermassive Games launched a cooperative military shooter named Bravo Team on PSVR. Given that this is the team that brought us Until Dawn and its VR spin-off, Rush of Blood, we expected big things. Sadly, the game was a bit of a disappointment, with a wealth of issues holding it back. Today, though, a new patch has fixed some of those problems.

Some of our biggest complaints about Bravo Team were to do with the game’s scaling and positioning issues. For the former, the player’s hands and weapons appeared absolutely massive in-game, which made aiming with the otherwise-excellent PlayStation Aim controller feel clumsy. Well, thankfully, that’s now fixed and the weapons and hands appear at a normal size. As you can see in the video below, it makes for a huge improvement and adds in a lot more immersion.

We also found ourselves getting confused by the camera shifting when moving from cover-to-cover in the original game. That’s now been fixed, too, and there are plenty more points to actually take cover from, giving players much more freedom. Better yet, you can now do 90 degree turns to take out any pesky baddies you might have run past. The accuracy of aiming reticules has also been improved so you don’t waste ages trying to hit one enemy.

Finally, there are improvements for enemy AI, including giving them more cover points. Overall it makes for a much better experience. Full patch notes are below.

All that said, the patch can’t fix Bravo Team’s core issue, which is that it’s simply a rather straightforward and uninspired military shooter. It’s no longer the train wreck of a shooter many people thought it was upon release, though. If that’s good enough for you, then it might be worth grabbing Bravo Team in a sale.

Movement & Cover System

  • Improved existing cover points to be more easily accessible
  • Added additional cover points throughout levels
  • Improved camera position when transitioning between cover points
  • Improved look to move feature


  • Added more weapon pickup boxes throughout the levels
  • added more weapon variety and behaviors
  • Rebalanced bullet spread on various weapons
  • Improved accuracy and reticules when aiming down sights
  • Revised Sniper Scope

Enemy AI

  • Added more cover points for enemies to move to
  • Improved enemy spawn locations
  • Improved enemy behavior
  • Rebalanced enemy health across all levels


  • Added ability to turn 90 degrees to the PSVR Aim controller
  • Improved the scale of the weapons and the player character’s arms
  • Buddy AI feedback and location information fixes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

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