We Rate Dogs Brings Very Good AR Companions To Snapchat

by Jamie Feltham • January 8th, 2018

Having already pleased their humans with their own app, the very good AR companions of WeRateDogs are invading another platform: Snapchat.

Kenneth, a tremendously excellent little buddy that has found himself trapped in a bubble, is now available as a lense on the platform. He’ll obediently await your attention and even start to float around once you tap him. There’s a good chance you’ve already become acquainted, though; according to developer fourthwall Kenneth has already been downloaded by hundreds of thousands and viewed over one million times on the platform. That’s a pretty good example of how people are already embracing VR content.

You can take him home (or anywhere, for that matter) for yourself through this link. Kenneth was brought to virtual life using Snap’s Lens Studio, which allows creators to make and publish content on the platform.

It’s the second AR experience to be produced from the hugely popular We Rate Dogs brand. The other can be found in the Good Dogs! mobile game, also developed by fourthwall.

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