Buying Marijuana In Virtual Reality Is About To Be A Thing

by Joe Durbin • April 20th, 2017

In a very appropriate development for a day like today, a new virtual reality experience called Weed VR has been announced. The project is blazing a trail to be the world’s first virtual reality dispensary for marijuana. It will allow customers the chance to inspect and shop for various strains from the comfort of their home and place orders from partner retailers.


According to the Weed VR team: “We provide a custom service for licensed producers by creating realistic 3D representations of [their] products. [Interested retailers should] contact us today to reserve your virtual shelf space or request a demo.”

The full description for Weed VR on its newly launched website reads:

Welcome to the world of WEED VR. Yep, that’s right… WEED VR!

Fasten your headset, grasp your hand controllers and explore our curated collection of highly detailed virtual buds. Browse, touch, inspect, select, grind, roll, even place an order with your favorite retailer. Hang out in the lounge and sample your selection.  We’ll even roll it for you.

How about we teleport you to the couch now? … Yeah, you heard right… teleport.

Immerse yourself in our intimate virtual dispensary space. No lineups, no hassles, with the freedom to browse at your leisure.


This service comes at a time in the US when more and more states are approving marijuana for both medical and/or recreational use. This increased legality is creating fertile soil for new startups and creative business ideas involving weed to take root.

Dispensaries are getting much nicer in those parts of the country where weed is embraced, but you’ll still see the occasional terrifying storefront with armed guards standing outside, according to…friends. The chance to shop for your product of choice at home without sacrificing the ability to inspect it may therefore be an opportunity customers will jump at.

Weed VR is not yet available and will be “coming soon” to both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive; or, should we say, the THC Vive.


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