Lone Echo, Karnage Chronicles and Narcosis: The Week In VR Gaming

by Jamie Feltham • March 18th, 2017

Even a relatively slow week for the VR industry as a whole is stacked full of new releases and announcements. Until we’ve got the definitive VR multi-tasking app it’s going to be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on, so let us help you out with a weekly wrap-up of the latest news, reviews, previews and releases for VR games.

Release Dates

narcosis stalker

We’ve had some release dates for significant new releases this week across all three major headsets. Personally, we’re most excited about Statik, an enticing new puzzler for PSVR. That’s set to hit on April 12th. We also learned that long in-development first-person horror game Narcosis will finally grace our Rift and Vives in just a few weeks’ time on March 28th. Another PSVR game, Korix, also arrives on the same day.


Oculus gave us another look at its slate of 2017 games earlier this month, and we’ve got a few impressions for you. Lone Echo is proving to be a fascinating experience in unintended ways, while Rock Band VR is excelling in its promise to make you a rock god. We also got a fresh look at a very promising new co-op action RPG, Karnage Chronicles, and a charming childhood tale in Along Together. Finally, we went hands-on with one of PSVR’s biggest games of April, Starblood Arena.



If you’re looking for our impressions on one of PSVR’s biggest releases of late, Unearthing Mars, you’ll find them here. Spoilers: We weren’t so keen on it, sadly.

New Releases

It’s not the biggest week for new VR releases, but horror fans definitely shouldn’t pass on Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, which arrives on Vive and Rift in early access. It promises not to scare you in the same way twice. Rift owners should definitely dive into the long-awaited Oculus Home version of Raw Data, too. If you’re in the EU with a PSVR, you’ve sadly got squat.

As always, for all releases you can check out our full Rift, Vive and PSVR lists.

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