WorkbenchVR Is An AR Enterprise App To Aid The Assembly Line

by Jamie Feltham • March 12th, 2018

CemtrexVR wants to gain an essential foothold in the manufacturing industry with an innovative new enterprise AR app.

WorkbenchVR, as the service is called, is a customizable platform designed to improve efficiency along the assembly line. Essentially, the service provides instructions, advice and information to help workers operate on the factory floor. Imagine wearing a HoloLens at work, for example, which provides a step-by-step assembly guide including virtual recreations of essential processes and collecting floor data to provide up-to-date information.

It’s essentially the use case for AR that we’ve all envisioned for a long time, but Cemtrex hopes to be at the center of it with a platform that can be built around a client’s needs. The platform would help you keep track of the components needed to assemble something, the length of time it should take to make it, how many steps are involved and what tools you’ll require as well as nearby experts on working on that particular type of item. The aim is to have WorkbenchVR fit all different types of industries from making cars to electronics.

Right now CemtrexVR is working with a handful of partners to test its platform. The company hopes to launch a beta version of the product in summer 2018 with a wider rollout towards the end of the year. This is sure to be a hotly contested area of AR, though; Google already resurrected its Google Glass AR kit for enterprise use cases and the upcoming Magic Leap One will no doubt want a share of the market too. Control of enterprise will be a fierce battle in the AR industry in the coming years.

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