World Of Tanks Is Finally Coming To VR

by Jamie Feltham • January 23rd, 2018

Multiplayer war simulator World of Tanks is one of those games that just makes too much sense in VR, but has eluded headsets thus far. That’s going to change very soon.

World of Tanks developer Wargaming announced today that it was forming a new arm of its business in partnership with VRTech. Neurogaming, as this new division is called, is to be a location-based VR gaming provider that uses in-house technology. For the service’s first game, Wargaming is building World of Tanks VR, which will bring the series’ staple multiplayer combat to headsets for the first time.

Neurogaming is currently working on two solutions for location-based VR. The first, CinemaVR, is a scalable service that focuses on multiplayer and co-op gaming and is already available in 36 locations around the world. Later this year the company will launch the solution as a service for VR arcade owners to adopt for their own locations. The other solution, PolygonVR, is aimed at competitive, long-play multiplayer and eSports with support for first and third-party content and is currently in beta.

The thought of World of Tanks in VR is quite an exciting one; cramped, claustrophobic settings in which you really have to focus and know your way around your tank could make for some of the most exciting gameplay in VR.

Sadly Wargaming didn’t note whether or not World of Tanks VR would be coming to home-based headsets in the future. Over the past few years, the company has been producing plenty of 360-degree videos that showcased historic war machines.

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  • ender707

    World of tanks is coming to location based vr, probably thousands of miles from you, and likely costing a dollar per minute to play.

    That does make a worse headline…

    Hopefully someday it will get a home based release.

    • Bundy

      Yup, it’ll be in LA and New York. Screw everybody else.

  • David D. Taylor

    I got super excited, then read this article, and instantly ruined my day…

    • David D. Taylor

      I don’t know how I’m supposed to work through this news… might have to call in sick…

  • It’d be great to play this on PSVR, especially considering that World of Tanks is already on PS4 –but just as much so, I have to ask… whatever happened to “War Thunder”? Wasn’t that supposed to be ported to PSVR a while back? Did the developers ever come out and say that it wasn’t going to happen, or is that title still in limbo?

    • Raphael

      Good luck waiting for PSVR versions flappy.

  • Raphael

    Absolutely irrelevant and useless. “location based” which basically means 90% won’t have access to it. I have home VR for a reason. I don’t want to travel 200 miles to play a fecking tank game.

    • JesperL

      can you say 99,99% dont have access to it. Location-based, arcade VR is cool, but it is totally ridiculous to keep those titles exclusive for arcades. Because VR owners dont go to arcades, those are for non VR owners. And it would be a win-win for everyone if VR owners could buy those games to play in private. VR arcades would not loose customers on that account. – Selling the games to private use, would boost sales, and boost VR in general. Any kind of excllusivity is stupid, when everyone has the same goal, to spread and grow VR.

      • Raphael

        Agree. VR arcades are good for the VR industry. A game that began life on PC shouldn’t be exclusive to arcades so hopefully it will appear on pc and psvr. The more vr arcades emerge the more new users are introduced to vr. A percentage of arcade users will want to buy their own vr for home use. Win-win.