WorldViz Integrates Windows VR, Avatars Into Vizard 6

by Jamie Feltham • August 8th, 2018

WorldViz’s professional VR development platform is getting an upgrade today.

The latest version of the company’s Python-based service, Vizard 6, is now available. Vizard isn’t a game development engine like Unreal or Unity but instead a scientific-grade platform designed to create VR applications with a range of headsets and peripherals such as eye-tracking cameras or hand-tracking gloves. Rather than making a game, say, it might instead be used by universities to build research projects that use different tracking systems. You can check out some of the new features in the trailer below.

In its latest update, Vizard adds support for Microsoft’s Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets as well as the Manus VR Gloves and Tobii eye-tracking hardware. The platform will allow you to pair these new devices with preset options that should get you up and running as soon as possible. Elsewhere, support for the GLTF 3D model format, which opens up more models from the likes of Blender, Modo and over 150,000 models from Sketchfab.

Finally, the platform now recognizes avatars created in Adobe Fuse CC.

WorldViz will be showcasing Vizard at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver next week.

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