Yaw VR Is A Portable Motion Simulator Seat For Your Headset

by Jamie Feltham • January 15th, 2018

VR still hasn’t managed to solve the difficult subject that is locomotion, but Yaw VR thinks it has the answer for at least some experiences.

Shown at CES last week and now running a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, Yaw VR is a portable motion simulator seat that could be ideal for cockpit-based VR experiences like Dirt Rally or Ace Combat 7. The initially dome-shaped device is set up to instead resemble a dish that rests in a stand with three supports that are able to spin and tilt the dish with three degrees of freedom (3DOF).

The stand also houses a mini-PC that wirelessly communicates with your platform of choice. Steer your car to the left in Dirt and the dish will spin you accordingly, take a nose-dive in Ultrawings and it will dip you towards the floor. An easy to assemble footrest is also included with the device. Either that or stick one of the million VR rollercoasters on and enjoy the ride.

Yaw is designed for use with all types of VR platforms like PlayStation VR, Gear VR and Oculus Go as well as standard PC games. the kit’s also designed to be lightweight and portable so that you can take it anywhere you go. We wouldn’t recommend using it on the train, though.

The catch, though, is that it’s mighty expensive. Early bird Yaw units, of which there are 20 left at the time of writing, cost a massive $890 on Kickstarter, and the standard edition goes for $1,190. The special edition, meanwhile, which allows customers to customize the color and have their name embroidered on it, starts at $1,190 for Early Bird and $1,340 once those slots are gone.

Yaw has 40 days to reach its target of $150,000 and has already gathered $26,267 at the time of writing. Will it get there in time? If it does, the first units are expected to ship in August.

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  • polysix

    For my “headset”? So I just sit my rift in the seat and f off down the pub then?

  • ummm…

    yeah thats not for cockpit games.

  • ale bro

    does this work with the HTC Vive?

    • Rothgarr

      The end of the video indicates that it does.

  • IHMO no, it is too expensive. It could sell the kit to some arcades…

  • Fredrik Bengtsson

    How will this work with the Oculus sensors/HTC base station, won’t they be confused when you rotate around? Do you have to mount them to the seat?

    • johngrimoldy

      You make a good point. I’d expect that games will need to be updated to work properly with this. I can see the forward/back and left/right tilting being very useful to simulating G forces in flight and driving sims. I’m not sure what the utility is of center-of-axis rotation though. What would that simulate?

      It’s clear this is still the wild west of VR. For this to really work out in the long run, standards are going to be needed so we don’t have a preponderance of proprietary physical motion simulators. I shudder at the thought of plunking down 1 grand on a piece of hardware that may/may not be compatible with future titles.

    • daveinpublic

      It will probably be the same as when you turn around now.

    • Konchu

      I know for Vive on current Sims they have used an extra controller now you could use a vive tracker to create an offset for the head tracking to work proper aka the tracker moves the world to match your head. for oculus and traditional camera tracking the tracker is traditionally been mounted to the Sim pointing to the players head definitely a simpler setup in a traditional sim setup. But I don’t see why they couldn’t do an offset to have a mount point for a controller like the Rockband Guitar.

  • sebrk

    I backed this now. I’ve been looking for a cheap(er) way to do just this. It does have support for SimTools so that is nice. I hope it does make the funding.

  • daveinpublic

    Seems like an ingenious way to simulate movement. Hopefully they’re able to make a less expensive version.

  • Mithrandir

    would be great if they could integrate a steering mount in there to be able to play it with something like Dirt Rally.

  • duked

    Compared to other motion simulators, this one seems incredibly inexpensive. Will be interesting to see if it can live up to its promises and if you can attach steering wheels.

  • MowTin

    It needs mount points for steering wheel and joystick

  • Wiley Cat

    thats actually worth the money if it works thats bomb dude