YouTube VR Wants To Provide Tools To Make Things ‘We Never Even Thought About’

by Charles Singletary • January 22nd, 2017

YouTube is a media leader, providing a nearly endless supply of accessible content and standing as the 2nd ranked website in the world. With such a significant position, it’d be an absolute boon for 360-degree and VR content to gain any type of foothold on the platform. YouTube had the largest presence they’ve ever had at the Sundance Film festival this year and one of our editors had an opportunity to speak with them, revealing that the video-sharing website is making a pointed effort to invest more into virtual reality.

YouTube’s expanded presence this year was largely seen in their return as sponsors for the Shorts Program and the YouTube House. We spoke with Jamie Byrne, YouTube’s Director of Creators and VR Initiatives, about YouTube’s VR plans since launching in November, and what they’re doing to enhance the service in the future.

“One of the things we’re focusing on is what’s going to bring people back every day for VR content,” Byrne says.

There’s no standard set for what works in VR so many continue to experiment and take on the risk of things not quite executing as they wish. Despite that, YouTube wants to open the door for creators, no matter where they’re making.

The people “doing some of the coolest and newest stuff are just individual creators in their bedroom, Byrne said. “And we want to get them the tools they need to realize their creative vision.”

Byrne and the team at YouTube are working closely with Google to get creators the equipment they need to make cool new VR projects, including entire new genres of VR content, and tehy are “really looking forward to seeing what the creators are going to create that we never even thought about. We want to get YouTube VR on as many platforms as possible.”

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