Zero Latency Partners With Microsoft And HP On New Platform

by Ian Hamilton • January 24th, 2019

Australia-based startup Zero Latency is teaming up with Microsoft, HP and Intel “to help create the next generation of the Zero Latency platform,” according to the company.

Zero Latency arenas offer large-scale free-roam multiplayer virtual environments available in 13 countries. They offer five games with another player-vs-player title on the way.

The announcement from Zero Latency is light on details about how exactly the company’s next generation system will incorporate hardware from all three companies. We’ve confirmed, however, the company plans to use an HP-based Mixed Reality headset headset for its next generation system. The photo at the top of this page is from Zero Latency’s first generation arcades with lights on top of players and guns for positional tracking. HP, though, makes a Windows Mixed Reality headset and PC backpack which runs Intel chips.

HP’s Windows Mixed Reality headset features inside-out tracking.

“Microsoft is excited by the transformational experiences virtual reality enables and by how Zero Latency is expanding VR’s footprint using location-based entertainment,” said Yancey Smith, Senior Director of Mixed Reality Commercial Solutions at Microsoft, in a prepared statement. “We look forward to working with them to reach customers with experiences based on Mixed Reality headsets and our cloud-based services, and working with them to expand to new markets.”

We’ll provide updates as soon as we learn more about how exactly Zero Latency integrates the hardware into its installations. Headsets with inside-out tracking like the “Mixed Reality” headsets powered by Microsoft’s tracking technology can potentially make it much easier to set up and run a VR arcade.

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