Daily VR Sketch: Earth Day 2017

by David Jagneaux • April 21st, 2017

Welcome to the Daily Sketch! We’ve teamed up with Sketchfab and expert VR artist Elizabeth Edwards to produce one new piece of 3D art per weekday throughout April you can view with your VR headset.

So grab your headset and take a look.

Tomorrow, April 22nd 2017, is Earth Day! It’s a day that celebrates the place that we all call home: Earth. We only get one planet so its important that we take care of it, and each other, and a big part of that respect for where we live starts with days like this that can spur appreciation and awareness around the globe. It doesn’t get much more universal than that. Edwards took to Quill to craft a wondrous globe with a beautiful hand-painted style. Check it out below!

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