Newly Launched RE:NEW Is Your Portal To Virtual Reality Wellness Apps

by Charles Singletary • July 11th, 2017

VR’s software ecosystem is home to plenty of escapism experiences that transport you to serene environments for calming gameplay and interaction as a way to promote wellness. RE:NEW, a project from NewPathVR, is a portal that points users straight toward various wellness applications.

VR has a large scattered mess of content that’s progressively getting larger. With so many entities racing to create and acquire original VR and 360-degree media, some things can get lost in the shuffle especially if you find yourself attached to just one or two content specific media apps or platforms. RE:NEW points you to wellness apps from different platforms and gives you the option to filter via platform and whether or not the application is free or paid.

On the home page right now you’ll find apps such as Google Cardboard stress-reliever Happinss, rhythmic casual game Thumper for PS VR, and Fearless which gives you a chance to overcome your own fears on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. In addition to the immersive media, RE:NEW will also link users to articles, podcasts, events, and insight revolving around immersive wellness and even content unrelated to tech like the recently published blog on meditation. If the NewPathVR team remains consistent with the content that will be supplementary to VR, this will position website as a one-stop-shop for wellness tools.

RE:NEW serves as an effort to efficiently gather the tools to harness the potential for positive change, a primary goal for transformative technology company NewPathVR. It also has a partner program in place to better raise awareness of projects from developers and content creators.

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