GDC 2017: Robo Recall Available Now, With Full Mod Support

by Tal Blevins • March 1st, 2017

Today at the Game Developers Conference, Epic Games announced its VR shooter Robo Recall is available now for free on Oculus Rift with Touch. In addition, Robo Recall comes with full mod support at launch.

The Robo Recall mod editor allows you to manipulate various aspects of the game including environments, sounds, physics, skins, fire rate and object reactions. It also comes with a number of assets from various Epic properties, including Kallari and Twinblast models from Paragon, the ruler sword and baseball bat from Fortnite and even full maps such as DM-Chill from Unreal Tournament.

Judging from our playtest, you can change and tweak a variety of variables with ease, and since it’s built on Unreal Engine 4, you can use the Blueprints scripting environment to test all of your creations quickly to see how they interact with the game.

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