GDC 2017: Robo Recall Available Now, With Full Mod Support

by Tal Blevins • March 1st, 2017

Today at the Game Developers Conference, Epic Games announced its VR shooter Robo Recall is available now for free on Oculus Rift with Touch. In addition, Robo Recall comes with full mod support at launch.

The Robo Recall mod editor allows you to manipulate various aspects of the game including environments, sounds, physics, skins, fire rate and object reactions. It also comes with a number of assets from various Epic properties, including Kallari and Twinblast models from Paragon, the ruler sword and baseball bat from Fortnite and even full maps such as DM-Chill from Unreal Tournament.

Judging from our playtest, you can change and tweak a variety of variables with ease, and since it’s built on Unreal Engine 4, you can use the Blueprints scripting environment to test all of your creations quickly to see how they interact with the game.

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  • wrapter

    will it work for Vive owners using viveport?

    • random_name

      I highly doubt this will be on viveport. Vive users can probably use it when revive gets it up and running.

      • Mane Vr

        they just got to by it while rift owners get it free

    • Logan Fuller

      No – this is an Oculus Studios exclusive

    • Jeff Overton

      it works with revive just manually inject the exe file

  • Justos


  • 1droidfan

    I bet some incredible levels get released from talented modders. Some of them will likely bring our systems to their knees but it will be fun exploring user made content.

  • chop suey

    i rike this gamu vely good yes. roboto i maku bloken desu

    • JustNiz

      You velly cheeky chappy. Makka me smilee.

      • chop suey

        Hai. Sugoi robotu desu! I maku hentaii robotu mod fulr this gamu.

  • jimrp

    Can someone give me a walking option

    • Mane Vr

      along with the option to pick our speed and rotation sprinting would be good too

  • unreal_ed

    I appreciate Epic for adding mod support but have my doubts on how many there will be.

    Making mods takes a lot of time. There CAN be some mods that are easily made by switching some values, but I don’t expect those to provide any extended amount of fun. Proper, longer-form mods take time to make, so it seems unlikely to me that modders would spend much time trying to mod a game that very few people would be playing by the time they’re done making their mod. From what I’m reading about the game, it’s not something that is going to entertain players for very long.

    This is also compounded (imo) by the fact that this is a VR game, and there’s a lot of tricky/unique code involved in making a VR game work. I mean, reportedly, Epic’s spent as much on Robo Recall as they did Gears of War 1, but this game seems much much less ambitious, which would mean it was a harder game to make and get to work properly

    • Doctor Bambi

      It’s hard to speak as to the main reasons people mod, I’m sure a good amount do it for exposure, but I’d say just as much, if not more are projects of passion and they don’t necessarily care how many people see it. Robo Recall at it’s core is a playground of systems and I think it has the potential to support a great modding community and I think it’s great that VR finally has a game that not only allows this, but supports it. A lot of people out there might have great ideas for VR, but getting started at the ground floor with Unreal or Unity is daunting. Something like this could be much more approachable and provide a great foundation to play around on.

      • unreal_ed

        Yea VR modding can definitely be great. I would love to see the McElroy brothers do a series of videos someday about a very heavily modded VR game. Would be a ton of fun