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Oculus, HTC And More Head To 2017 SVVR Expo, Save $200 Here

If you’ve been following VR for a while then you’ll likely recognise Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) as one of the original events designed to evangelise [...]

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Australian Man Wants To Set World Record For Longest Time Spent In VR

A lot of people can’t spend more than four or five minutes in VR without getting tired and needing to come out, but Australian YouTuber Jack McNee wants to spend well [...]

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You Want It Darker: What the Tribeca Immersive Lineup Tells Us About the State of VR

In recent months, a handful of speakers and leaders in the VR community have started positing that the medium can serve as a time capsule for future generations to interact [...]

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Kaleidoscope Puts The Best Of VR Movie Making On Tour Next Week

There’s so much work going on in VR movie making right now it can be hard to single out what’s actually worth watching. Kaledioscope has curated some of the [...]

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The 9 Biggest VR Stories Of GDC 2017

Whew, what a week. Can we sleep now? With each passing year the Game Developers Conference (GDC) becomes more and more important to the VR industry, and 2017’s [...]

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VRLO Returns To London This Month With Microsoft, BBC, Epic And More

GDC is nearing its event but the VR events won’t be stopping there. VRLA might be the expo to head to if you’re on the west coast of the USA right now, but [...]

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GDC 2017: Watch John Carmack Hand Tim Sweeney GDC’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Oculus and Epic Games share a strong and fascinating partnership that’s grown over the past few years. Last night’s Game Developer Choice Awards showed [...]

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Explore Upload LA – A 20,000 sq ft VR & AR Focused Skills Training, Coworking and Community Space
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Rift Year One: First Rift Owner Loves Touch, Onward and Indies
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Gorillaz’s New Single Is Also The Coolest VR Music Video Yet

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Oculus Update 1.13 Brings Further Tracking Improvements and Public Test Channel
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Vive Tracker Needs Headset To Run, HTC Confirms
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Downward Spiral: Prologue is a Short Tease of a Promising Zero-G Thriller

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The 9 Best PSVR Games to Play Right Now
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PSVR’s Growing Pains May Finally Be At An End
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Rock Band VR Review: Rocking Out Like Never Before

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New Sony Patent Points To Inside-Out Tracking For VR Headsets
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