Skyrim VR Reaches Steam’s Top 10 Sellers In Less Than 24 Hours

by Jamie Feltham • March 15th, 2018

Turns out a lot of Rift, Vive and Windows VR owners want to play Skyrim in VR. Who knew?

Less than 24 hours after Bethesda confirmed that the VR version of its beloved role-playing game was coming to PC-based headsets, the Steam listing for the game has reached the #9 spot on Steam’s Top Sellers list (at the time of writing). That’s not just for VR games; that’s for everything on Steam. If you add in VR filters than it’s at the very top of the list followed by Subnautica, which comes in #19 on the main list. No actual sales data for the list is provided.

Of course, people are simply pre-ordering Skyrim VR right now, as the full game doesn’t arrive until April 3rd, but it’s still a very encouraging sign. Still, we’re not exactly surprised; the game has been a consistent seller on Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, too.

Skyrim VR first released on PSVR late last year and we absolutely loved it. It comes to PC headsets with all of its previously-released DLC and support for hand controllers. Sadly, there are no plans for mods right now, but there’s always hope for later down the line.

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  • Badelhas

    Pre-ordering games is, in my humble opinion, a bad move since it’s an incentive for games coming with bugs and zero day patches.

    • StarLightPL

      Also if FO4VR rocky release is anything to go by, it is even more of a gamble when it comes to VR titles.

      • koenshaku

        Well PS4 users were the beta testers.

    • HybridEnergy

      It’s Bethesda, a buggy release is a feature that’s to be expected.

    • Wyrd

      Fortunately this particular game has been around for years flat, and has already launched on PSVR in VR too.

      • Gato Satanista

        Well… It’s true. But no fucking away that I am going to pre-order this. I’ll wait and see if it will be playable.

        • Sandy Wich

          Just pirate it man, how many times you gonna get scummed into paying full price for this last gen POS?

          So it has VR. Awesome, a man in a wheelchair who made the PCVR mod support had Skyrim VR working great years ago.

          • Patrick Bradley

            Indeed. Skyrim is the cow that just keeps on giving because idiots want to buy the same thing over and over. Would have tough it would just be spitting dust by now.

          • Sandy Wich

            I love seeing intelligent consumers who still have the ability to beat their fanaticism/addiction like you. Keep up seeing the truth bud. >:D

          • alex

            Are you talking about Vorpx because that’s laughable, I’d happily pay $100 for a real motion-tracked version which this will be. Please show a link to this years old “great” skyrim VR

          • Sandy Wich

            You mean the 300+ mod capable version that has full head tracking and DOF support?

            Ohh no. You can’t swing your sword around! Not that it matters, they didn’t change combat mechanics to make VR combat fun like in gorn. But if you want to power swing a sword in VR to take flat damage with the old Skyrim engine, you’ll be in luck.

            Seriously, why not just pay 500 dollars for Skyrim VR if you’re so easily manipulated? Why not pay that price for all games? You’re showing the world right now how price -> content no longer matters anymore, as long as you get what you want.

            Can’t wait for the addict community to shove the video game market into a small loan market someday. Gonna be so great paying video game loans on top of paying off a house. Hope the wage increase speeds up!

            ^ Slippery slope. And they’re real.

          • Gary Parker


  • DaveJ

    Fallout4 VR has basic mod support. Over 300 mods from the base game work and VR specific mods have been created too, check out the reddit pinned message in r/fo4vr for the link to the spreadsheet the users have been maintaining.

    I’m sure SkyrimVR will be exactly the same.

    • HybridEnergy

      I’m just hoping for a mod to fix the bow mechanics because I know Bethesda did not. They were wonky on the PSVR when I tried them at best, someone could mod something in that works closer to in-death or the lab’s archery section.

      • 13penguins

        Wonky in what way? PSVR controllers have far less precise tracking so that might account for it. Unless it wasn’t related to tracking.
        Could also be the fact that in the base game the bows would lob arrows trying to automatically compensate for ballistic drop. That always messed me up in the normal version.

        • HybridEnergy

          Have you played the two examples I gave ? The bow is locked to a hand, no free like in the bow valve lab. The mechanics are wonky, as well as the tracking was lack luster but I didn’t think much of it as I attributed that to the PSVR and not Skyrim VR.

          • 13penguins

            I have played both, but your description needs clarified since I haven’t played SkyrimVR on PSVR.
            When you say locked to a hand, do you mean it’s only able to be held in your left hand, or do you mean that it’s orientation is mapped to the left controller rather than drawing a line from the left controller to the right when you draw an arrow?

  • HybridEnergy

    This is going to be awesome with PC levels of VR tracking, super-sampling, and room-scale. Bring it on.

  • I would like to hear more about about indie titles that get little or no coverage, this type of article is cheap and sycophantic IMHO

    • Totally Magical Unicorn

      A VR title in the top ten is a big deal. That kind of exposure to VR is a very positive thing. Not to cover it on a VR website would be dumb.

    • We cover a lot of indie projects here.

      • You do for sure cover some but it feels like a bit of an LA bubble.

  • Kryojenix

    This is what I’ve been waiting for. But I don’t see a need to pre-order – they’re not going to run out of copies on release day nor is there any pre-order bonus or discount.