The Virtual Reality UI/UX Summit

by Matt Schlicht • August 17th, 2015

Virtual reality is a new medium. For the first time ever developers around the world are creating fully immersive experiences using virtual reality. Education, games, story telling, and more, virtual reality is touching every type of digital experience.

But, guess what? Nobody has ever made a full length feature film in virtual reality, nobody has ever sold a million, or even a thousand, copies of a virtual reality game. Nobody has figured out the best way to tell stories in virtual reality or the most natural way to interact with a virtual reality environment.


Virtual reality is exciting because it is so unexplored and new.

Everyone working on virtual reality today is trailblazing. They are the ones creating the standards, trying new things, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

This is why we have organized an online ZapChain Summit completely focused on virtual reality user interface and user experience design. On August 19th, 2015 at 11am PST the Virtual Reality UI/UX ZapChain Summit will begin. It will be online, free, and available to everyone everywhere. Register for the summit here.

What is the Virtual Reality UI/UX Summit?

The summit is an online Q&A on ZapChain with a panel of experts from the virtual reality industry. These experts have been gathered specifically so that you, and the rest of the community, can ask them questions about designing interfaces and experiences for virtual reality.

Who are the experts participating in the Virtual Reality UI/UX Summit?

We have gathered an excellent group of people. These are people who either have tried every virtual reality experience imaginable or they themselves are building the future of virtual reality.


The experts on the Virtual Reality UI/UX Summit are:

Karl Krantz: Founder of SVVR, the largest virtual reality meetup and conference in the world.

Helen Situ: Product Manager at NextVR, the company that’s live broadcasting major league sports games into virtual reality.

Will Mason: Editor in Chief at UploadVR, one of the largest virtual reality publications in the world.

Tipatat: Recently a virtual reality investor at River, Tipatat is a leading virtual reality developer.

How do I participate in the summit?

The summit takes place online on ZapChain. You can access it from any computer or mobile phone. We have brought the virtual reality experts and it’s up to you to ask them the questions. What is the best user experience you’ve ever experienced in virtual reality? Should all interfaces be in 360 or 180? These are the types of questions you can ask them.

When is the Virtual Reality UI/UX Summit?

August 19th, 2015 at 11am PST.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Register here.

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