Tokyo Game Show’s Impressive Sword Slinging VR Game Is Coming To E3

by Jamie Feltham • June 7th, 2017

Last September a mysterious warrior stole the heart of the VR community with an amazing demo at the Tokyo Game Show that perfectly encapsulated the joys of VR gaming. Now that demo is coming to E3.

You can see the brave soldier we’re talking about below. A girl dressed up with a cape took on a gigantic titan inside the HTC Vive and managed to look like a real life superhero in doing so. The game was called Circle of Saviors and Japanese developer Fivefor will be making the trip to Los Angeles next week to showcase its upcoming game in the west for the first time ever. Expect plenty more GIFs of people flailing their arms around trying to replicate the sheer style of the game’s sword slinging mascot.

Fiverfor is going all out with its E3 debut, too. Along with the traditional VR demo, the company will offer cooperative play where a second player uses a mixed reality monitor to shoot down enemies with a cross bow. If you’re planning on attending the show then the game can be found in the West Hall at Booth #5522.

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