Upload Event: A Virtual Reality Halloween

by Upload • October 24th, 2017

Love the Halloween season? We do too. Come learn how to build your own highly-immersive VR haunted house, a truly spooky VR experience.

In a few evenings, you will learn how to create high-end virtual reality experiences on the Unity game engine, and in particular, the techniques used to make your users jump! We’ll start by trying out some of the top horror games on the market, and then dive into the reeds with our expert instructors.

Whether you’re exploring a career in VR, want to prototype an idea or just want to learn something new, this workshop will equip you with the key skills to start creating.

Learn more about A Virtual Reality Halloween — Intro to VR Development with Unity:

3-night Los Angeles course on October 23, 25 and 26, 2017
2-night San Francisco course on October 24 and 25, 2017

• Multiple evenings of intensive skills training & networking
• Oculus Rifts for project testing
• Access to work with Instructors one-on-one
• One week pass to Upload SF or Upload LA

What's your reaction?
  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Why is Microsoft Mixed Reality not allowed?

    • LoreII

      Cause Microsoft mixed reality is bullsht

      • Jean-Sebastien Perron

        Today good sire, you graced me with your words of wisdom and truth.

        • LoreII

          Yep 😁

      • Bundy

        Don’t be too quick to judge. It’s not even out of the gate yet.

        • LoreII

          Well, even the preview and the launch marketing+advertising are bulsht…
          So we know in advance which kind of bullsht product to expect

          • Bundy

            Not really. I think you need to lower your bias settings a bit 🙂

          • LoreII

            I think Microsoft vr stuff is amazingly nice, I love it, my god I fkng 😍 Love it, wwwooooooooaaaaawwweooooo, oohhhh yes babe!

          • Jean-Sebastien Perron

            You must be blind

          • LoreII

            Actually it was my evil brother that got control of my account and wrote bad things about Microsoft, actually I even have a Microsoft logo tattoo on my ass, cause I love it so much

  • polysix

    unity must be paying this site a lot of cash. Its as if unreal engine hadn’t existed for the past 20 years. smh

    On topic for once, cool with the halloween thing. VR and Halloween are a great match, lots of fun to be had but tone down the jump scares, go for creepy atmosphere instead. Jump Scares are a pain in VR when you have them over and over… seriously stressful 😉

    • Bundy

      As having used both quite a bit I can tell you that Unity is far easier to begin with. Which is why it’s better for things like, “In a few evenings, you will learn how to create high-end virtual reality experiences…” With Unity you can throw together a simple spooky house for the Rift in under an hour.

  • Is there parking there?