VR Cover To Launch Washable Cotton And Foam Face Pad Inserts For Oculus Quest

by David Jagneaux • May 14th, 2019

VR Cover is one of the leading headset accessory companies and produce some of the highest-quality face pads, covers, and other inserts to improve comfort and hygiene. With the Oculus Quest set to launch next week on May 21, they’re of course gearing up with a new line of products.

As of now they’ve got both cotton and foam-based face pads that can replace the default cushion. The cushion included on the Oculus Quest face pad is very comfortable, but it absorbs sweat and moisture very quickly. VR Cover has two solutions for that.

First up is the 100% cotton cover (pictured on the product page) that just slides right over the existing foam face pad to absorb sweat and moisture. You can get a set of two cotton covers for $19 and they’re 100% machine washable with breathable fabric so you never have to wear a dirty headset again.

Then there’s the slightly more expensive Foam and Interface Basic Set (pictured above) for $29. Every set includes a plastic facial interface and a pair of leather foam replacements; one is standard and one is a “comfort” version. “Both foam paddings prevent light leakage,” according to the website. “Switch between them to find the best fit and immersion. The comfort version with its thicker, broader pad helps to distribute the weight of the device better. For users with prescription glasses, there is also room to fit most frames.”

The nice benefit of the foam set is you can quickly wipe it down in between uses which is great for enterprise users that have quick turnovers and lots of customers inside the headsets, or if you want to bring it to a family event and have lots of people try it out.

You can see installation videos on both product pages above. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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