Watch Oculus Connect 4 Day 2 Live Starting At 9:30am Pacific, October 12

by Upload • October 12th, 2017

Facebook’s big VR conference – Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) – kicks off on October 11, 2017 in San Jose, California. OC4 will give us a glimpse at what Facebook has been working on and what their plans for the future are around virtual reality.

We’ll be at the show covering many of the demos, sessions and keynotes live, but if you can’t make it to San Jose, please check out our coverage on the site and catch developments from OC4 on either Facebook, Twitch, YouTube or in VR.

Oculus Facebook Page

Oculus Twitch Page

Oculus YouTube Page

Watch OC4 in VR

OC4 will officially start at 10am Pacific with Mark Zuckerberg’s opening keynote. The show will take place over the course of two days: Wednesday October 11 and Thursday October 12.

You can see the full schedule of OC4 events at the Oculus Connect website.

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  • Firestorm185

    Oh, it’s tomorrow. Gotcha.

  • Justos


  • CarlosTSG

    Hopefully he wouldn’t be streaming with the 360 Puerto Rico video in Facebook Spaces again. That was seriously bad taste Zuck!

    • Justos

      I think that shit was way overblown, but thats just my opinion.

  • TheFishQuill

    Excited but low expectations they said very clearly that no gen 2.0 would be announced earlier this year when the Rift price was dropped.